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Stress Spring

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We all get a bit wound up sometimes, don't we? Whether it's queuing traffic on the commute home from work or stubbing your little toe on the corner of a cabinet that really, really hurts, we know that even the little things can really get your blood boiling! For some, the remedy is a hot bubble bath, a scenic walk in the park or taking a few deep breaths. Yet for someone who's really tightly wound, they need the stress spring! In a stylish and sleek matte black finish, you can help them relive their youth and their days spent having endless fun with a multi-coloured coiled spring, whilst feeling a lot less childlike! Presented in a gift box, it makes a great gift, whatever the occasion, for a loved one who's a little stressed out or loves classic toys from yesteryear! Colour: Matte blackDimensions: H5 x W6 x D6.5cm (approx.)Please note: Suitable for ages 5 and above

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