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  • Personalised Jar Of Rosy Apple Sweets - You're Weird

Personalised Jar Of Rosy Apple Sweets - You're Weird

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Does your loved one have a bit of a wild side? When they've had a bit too much sugar they come out with the silliest things that only you get. The problem is, they love their sweeties and just can't resist finishing an entire bag in record time. If you're looking for something unique to give them this Valentine's Day or to celebrate an anniversary, then these delectable, juicy rosy apples will be right up their street! Boasting a label with a green to yellow fade reading 'You're Weird But I Like It' in red and green, you can personalise the label on the jar with their name which will be printed across the top in a playful pale yellow font. A sweet keepsake, they can always reuse the jar once they've enjoyed its contents! Just prepare for some serious silliness once the sugar rush kicks in! What Can I Put On My Rosy Apple Sweet Jar?You can personalise the label with any in name up to 18 characters.Use our innovative preview button to see how the label will look. Simply type in your words and press the preview button.Weight: Small: 170g; Large: 400gDimensions (jar): Small: H9 x W7 x D7cm; Large: H15cm (dia. 7cm)Ingredients: Glucose syrup, Sugar, Citric Acid, Flavouring and Natural Colours E141, E120

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