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  • Cash Stash Keyring

Cash Stash Keyring

This gift is available from Prezzybox


Weve all been there, youve just spent that last bit of money on a round of drinks, and youve treated yourself and the guy next to you to a kebab, forgetting you need to get a taxi. The petrol light has come on and youve left your wallet in the kitchen at home. Theres always that time when the reliance on a credit card doesnt cut it, you need cash and you need it now. The True Utility CashStash will make sure you never run out of money again. The cleverly constructed aircraft grade aluminium capsule will make sure if youre faced with any of these problems again you have a solution smaller than your door key attached to your key ring. A small stainless steel CashClip is included to fold any denomination of any one note around it making sure you have cash on you wherever you may be. Finished in steel grey this key ring accessory fits neatly alongside your existing keys and accessories. Designed with a neoprene O ring it is completely waterproof making sure the note you store inside it is as good coming out as it was when you put it in. The CashStash makes the perfect gift for anyone, especially if you put cash in it.

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