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  • Tiger Moth 30 Min Flying Experience - Gloucester

Tiger Moth 30 Min Flying Experience - Gloucester

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Chocks away! You're about to take a flight in a Tiger Moth - the quintessential English biplane. Absorb the magnificent views from the open cockpit as you fly over the rolling British countryside with the wind in your hair. You'll experience open cockpit flying and relive the golden era of aviation when flying was all about adventure, freedom and fun. Before soaring up to the skies with your expert instructor, your experience will start with a thorough brief,after which you will be issued with your authentic Tiger Moth flying gear including a jacket and helmet, and then the real fun will begin! Once you are up in the air and feeling confident, the instructor will hand over the controls and demonstrate the different flying techniques - and then then it's over to you! This is a wonderful experience that you will remember for the rest of your life - simply electrifying.

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