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  • Cook Your Date Into Bed Recipe Book

Cook Your Date Into Bed Recipe Book

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When you envisage a romantic meal in with your other half, what springs to mind? A bottle of wine? A three-course ready meal that was on offer at the supermarket, perhaps? Dessert is usually skipped, because you're both too full from the first two courses, before you both promptly fall asleep on the sofa...hardly romantic, right? When you've taken the time to spend quality time with your beau, it needs to be exactly that: quality! Forget pre-packaged meals, you need something home-cooked (from the heart!) that will get their juices flowing! There's a whole host of food outside of the ready meal aisle - who knew?! And whether you've been an item for ten years or ten weeks, it's always nice to impress isn't it? Because when you cook up a storm in the kitchen there's always time for some fireworks elsewhere...And if you're struggling to think of something other than steak for your piece de resistance, look no further! This fun book, 'Cook Your Date Into Bed' is chock full of racy recipes that are sure to crank their heart rate up a notch! With recipes for every situation, from the drunk date to the morning after, (yes, really!) you can rustle up a 'Juicy Lucy' burger accompanied by a 'Wrongungina' that will certainly put that sirloin to shame! So whether you're celebrating an anniversary, birthday or Valentine's day, it makes a great gift they're sure to thank you for the morning after!Pages: 128 pagesDimensions: H19.7x W13.3x D1.9cm

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