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Blink Ball

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Finding party accessories is really easy these days. You've got the confetti, decorated the walls with colourful banners and sorted out all of your invitations. But if you're feeling adventurous, if you're looking for a unique party gift then this blink ball is sure to satisfy. Turn off the lights and the ball with glow brilliantly, making it an ideal accessory for a rave or beach party. As it flashes it can be seen as a makeshift disco ball or moon, lighting up the darkness as you party the night away! The ball is inflatable and powered by an LED light. It's activated by movement and comes with batteries included.Dimensions:  Carton: H15 x W12 x D4.5cm  Ball: H18 x W4,3 x D12.2cm (approx) Weight: 100gMaterial: Plastic with LED lightBatteries are included. Please note: This is not a toy and therefore not suitable for young children.

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