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  • Christmas Character Stocking - Reindeer

Christmas Character Stocking - Reindeer

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Remember waking up on Christmas morning to find a present-filled stocking hung on the door? The excitement of seeing that flash of red! Shapes squashed into the fabric, just waiting to be pulled out! There was nothing quite like the excitement of waking up at the crack of dawn and delving into the goodies that Santa had left, was there? Well, until you crept downstairs and saw that Father Christmas had squeezed down the chimney and left a room filled with presents!Create that sense of wonder and excitement again this year, with our adorable reindeer stocking. Shaped to resemble an elf's stocking, it's made from red felt, with a satin-effect lining, and features an embroidered reindeer motif and gold stars. The top of the stocking has a white, zig-zag trim and is finished with gold-coloured bells, for a twinkling festive touch! Ideal for both big kids and little ones, and don't forget to remind Santa about those chocolate coins and orange...Material: SyntheticDimensions: H41 x W16.5cm 

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