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  • Doodle Diary Of A New Mum

Doodle Diary Of A New Mum

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Key Features: The ultimate gift for an expecting friend!An illustrated journey by artist Lucy Scott Lucy Scott has just become a new mum. Despite her desperate attempt to study-up on the ins-and-outs of being the perfect role model, style icon and disciplinarian, the real life job is beginning to show itself as a tough task. Follow her through everything, from first long car journeys with a screaming infant, to getting the hang of breastfeeding and working out what muslin cloths are used for! Each momentous occasion depicted through a series of her amusing doodles and minimalist captioning. The ultimate gift for an expecting friend, they'll be sure to thank you for the warning while, hopefully, laughing their way through their first year, safe in the knowledge that they're not on their own!  Format: Hardback Dimensions: H17.8 x W17.8cmPages: 128

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