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  • Brooklyn Brew Shop - Everyday IPA Beer Making Kit

Brooklyn Brew Shop - Everyday IPA Beer Making Kit

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Want to make craft beer at home, from real ingredients? Fancy testing your skills as a master brewer? Then the Brooklyn Brew Shop - Everyday IPA Beer Making Kit is for you!A little more complicated than the usual 'mix-and-go' kits, Brooklyn Brew Shop created the Beer Making Kit to bring the process used by craft breweries to your kitchen at home. Don't worry about the process being too difficult though, simply follow the instructions and enjoy the satisfaction of creating your very own Everyday IPA at the end of it!Designed to take up very little space in your kitchen (less than 1 square foot), the kit contains almost everything you'll need to brew around 3.5 litres (around 10 beer bottles). And once you've brewed your first batch, you can re-use the equipment and try out a new creation!What does the beer taste like? It's a well-balanced, malty, citrus IPA, with a citrus aroma from the Cascade hops and a bitterness from Columbus hops.Roll up those sleeves and get brewing!Contents:  1 gallon fermentation jug, screw cap stopper, airlock, racking cane, tubing, tube clamp, 12” (30cm) lab thermometer, sanitizer packet, ingredients mix Ingredients: Malted barley blend, hops and yeastABV: 6.8%Dimensions (approx.): Box: H30 x W23 x D19cmExtra equipment needed: 2 x 6L pots/saucepans, mesh strainer, funnel (plus a jar of honey and ice)

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